Vineet, Farhaan and Anika on a mission to fulfill Aniket’s wishes

A call that turns Anika, Vineet and Farhaan’s world upside-down! 

Growing up has never been easy, but bindass’ Tere Liye Bro, which has won hearts of many young Indians out there, proves that one can get through almost anything as long as you have close friends by your side. Its heartwarming tale of two buddies on a journey to fulfill the bucket list of their deceased friend has found a strong emotional connect and it’s hilarious and goofy storyline also keeps the laughter coming.

Vineet, Farhaan and Anika, who are on a mission to fulfill Aniket’s wishes are getting a step closer every day to accomplish their mission. Remember the ‘Left is the Right’ idea by Aniket? Well, it is finally seeing the light of the day with Aniket’s closest bro Farhaan taking charge of it. Yes, Farhaan you heard it right! The guy who lacked the guts has gone ahead and made it work. As they are about to fructify yet another idea, the trio receive an unwanted call from a stranger that leaves Anika shocked, leaving her world upside-down. The call reminds her of a situation which will lead to the biggest twist in the series yet.

To know more about the mystery behind the call, tune into the upcoming episode of Tere Liye Bro on Friday at 7pm only on bindass linear and digital platforms

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