Lock Upp will see a sad ending to Kaaranvir Bohra's journey.

We witness a new fight emerging in the Lock Upp house with a new week. Anjali Arora, Ali Mechant and Poonam Pandey had a massive battle in the morning as Anjali had borrowed Poonam’s hairdryer from her when she went to take a shower. Azma hides Poonam’s hairdryer into Mandana’s t-shirt and thus begins a fight in the house. Anjali and Poonam do not find the hairdryer and hence they announce they will inspect everyone’s bag. “I don’t know where these folks come from, such cheap individuals,” After getting out of the shower, Mandana realised Azma had hidden the hairdryer in her towel, saying, “whatever you’re hoping to get out of it, you won’t get it.”

Later in the day, we see the Sharirik Shram happening; The shram was to make currency coins out of the basic materials provided and then paint them. While gathering for the raw materials for the second time, Shivam and Zeeshan got into a verbal and physical spat over the raw materials. The fight continued, with Zeeshan involving Shivam’s family into it and abusing Shivam. Finally, the situation gets out of hand; Zeeshan, Ali, Munawar, Anjali, Mandana, and others dragged and pushed each other. By the end of the shram, both blocks were engaged in a physical and verbal brawl. The left block made 57 coins at the end of the shram, whereas the right block were able to make 33 coins.

Team selection task takes place for Zeeshan & Vinit. To select a particular team, they are both asked to nominate one contestant who will be eliminated immediately from the house. Both coincidently write Kaaranvir’s name in the card.

The guards then inform all of the kaidis about the secret playout that had taken place in the Benakabi zone, revealing that Zeeshan had picked the right block and Vinit had chosen the left block. They also reveal that each of the kaidis had the option of removing one contestant from the charge sheet. Everyone was taken aback when they learn that Kaaranvir had been eliminated. On learning this, everyone in the left block were seen teary eyed. Shivam Sharma had an emotional breakdown.

This week’s final names in the chargesheet are Payal Rohatgi, Azma Fallah, and Ali Merhcant.

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