It's a showdown between Badass Biryani and Kesari Biryani in Lock Upp.

The day begins with a massive brawl between Mandana and Payal. An enraged Payal yells many hurtful things at Mandana, including calling her uneducated. Later, during the cooking task playout, both blocks are given equal amounts of ingredients from which they have to create a dish, and the block that wins will have an advantage in the weekly task.

During the cooking task playout, Payal and Zeeshan have a verbal spat and Zeeshan asks Kaaranvir to step in, “Kaaranvir Bhai, bolo kuch!” An angry Payal says, “Wo show ka leader nahi hai!” She also goes on to call Zeeshan “Namak Haram”.

There is a lot of debate on the right block about who should do the cooking. Kaaranvir attempted to act as a mediator and a leader to appease everyone and reach a resolution. However, the rivalry between Payal, Zeeshan and Mandana is very evident when deciding which kaidis would have to cook. In retaliation, Payal is labelled a ‘bimbo’ by Zeeshan during the task.

Azma, Zeeshan, and Ali also fight with the task where Zeeshan constantly calls Azma a ‘fraudster’. Munawar then tries to persuade Azma to not talk in such a manner, considering that she is fasting during Ramadan. Eventually, The Badass biryani is cooked by the left block and the right block creates Kesari biryani. The right block finally wins the task, and the jailor announces the results on the LED screen. Payal is overwhelmed by the fact that her team won and has tears in her eyes.

On the other hand, Poonam also has an emotional breakdown as her team loses. Anjali comes and consoles Payal as well, which is an ‘Aww’ moment in the Lock Upp. After this power-packed task, Mandana is resting when Azma pours water on her. An agitated Mandana retorted, “Who do you think you are?” Azma responded, “It’s me, Azma!” She also adds, “Isliye tere ex-husband ne choda.” Mandana is enraged and can not stop shouting. The kaidis all agree that Azma could have woken up Mandana by making noise. But instead, Azma didn’t care about anyones opinions and labelled Mandana a “flop heroine.”

Lastly, the weekly task is to hold up sandbags above their heads. The bags are attached to balloons which will burst as soon as they leave the sandbags. The block that bursts their balloons first would lose. If a kaidi wishes to abandon the task, they must hand the sandbag to another kaidi. Poonam and Munawar were unable to perform owing to their illness. The right block gains an advantage because they won the cooking duty and they get to start their task 5 minutes late.

Who will win the task? Which Kaidi will give up and who will emerge the winner?

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