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Check out some of the hottest scenes from GOT

Hottest scenes from Game Of Thrones

The American TV industry has seen some of the best fictional shows that have left an impression in the minds and hearts of the audience for long but without any iota of doubt, very few have achieved the cult status of ‘Game Of Thrones’. Right from the acting to the narrative, everything is absolutely spot on when it comes to GOT and the beauty of the show is that despite being fictional, it actually makes you believe and be convinced about the fact that there’s a parallel universe running in altogether.

It was only because of GOT did the average Indian get familiar with the word ‘incest’. Readers, do you remember Jon Snow and Dany Go ‘under the sheet’ moments in season 7? Some of the hottest moments of Game Of Thrones have been witnessed between the two. So in case you all want to see those hot scenes, take a look at them below. Check them out –

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