The video that is going viral on social media shows a group of women performing the Garba dance aboard a Mumbai local train during Navratri.

With the start of Navratri, the celebrations in India have officially begun. It’s common to see groups of people practicing dandiya for Garba. A video of some women playing Garba on a Mumbai local train has already gone viral. The brief video, which was uploaded to Twitter by a user named Mumbai Railway Users, has a group of women displaying their Garba moves. The video will undoubtedly make your day better.

In the video, women are seen performing with enthusiasm as viewers can be seen enjoying their joy. The video’s title states, “Locals in Mumbai GENERATE MOMENTS. Now in the 10.02 am #AClocal from Kalyan yesterday. FUN IS UNLIMITED.”

One user posted, “For everyone who questions why Mumbai has a distinct personality that makes us adore it so much. Space is no barrier to small pleasures, another user wrote. We appreciate the other women who also made a move to make room for these ladies to perform the Garba.” The comment read, “Mumbai is in Navratri spirit!”

“The video has gotten over 2.8 lakh views since it was shared three days ago. It has also received over 3,000 likes, several comments, and hundreds of retweets. A healthy lifestyle is vital for happiness… “It’s good if you can produce a cheerful movement from your hectic schedule,” someone posted. “Seconds like this add to the enchantment of the overall event,” another participant added. “Festivals are meant to be enjoyable. “It lowers tension,” wrote a third.

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