One of the most well-liked crossover foods is the well-known dosa from southern India. Here are the top 5 unique dosas that we urge you to taste when visiting Mumbai.

One of the most consumed south Indian foods, the dosa, holds a prominent position in Mumbai’s culinary landscape. Numerous street food stands and eateries in Mumbai offer the standard range while also putting their own unique spin on the traditional.

Pizza Dosa: Interested in the flavor of pizza made with a dosa as the base? We can tell you that this peculiar dosa will turn your world upside down. This unusual dosa version contains a substantial amount of finely chopped tomatoes, onions, capsicum, boiled corn, and melted cheese. If you’re seeking unique dosas in Mumbai, this Indo-Italian delicacy with its thin crust foundation and delicious cheese and vegetables is a must-try.

Address: Simply Saraswat (Juhu and Borivli West), Dhiraj Special Sandwich (Juhu and Borivli West), and Nandu Dosa Dinner (Borivali West)

This creamy and buttery treat is the pizza of Mumbai’s street food vendors: the Jini dosa. The dosa is packed with a spicy blend of veggies and fried in butter. After that, it is topped with a lot of cheese and cut into slices using a pizza cutter. The Jini dosa is delicious and filling. It can be enjoyed with or without chutney made from coconut and mint.

Address: Sai Swad dosa (Khau Galli in Ghatkopar East), Tirupati dosa (Borivli West), and Nandu dosa dinner (Vashi)

Cocktail Dosa: The name of this dosa will immediately catch your attention. We regret to inform you that cocktail dosa does not include alcohol despite its name. Finely chopped veggies cooked in butter, a variety of vegetables, and a lot of garlic make up the stuffing of cocktail dosa. It is served with flavorful chutneys and cheese on top. Many restaurants in Mumbai serve this distinctive and reasonably priced dosa.

Address: Ayyappan Idli stall (Matunga East)

If you’re craving simple cheese, you should try the Cheeseburst Masala Dosa, a delectable Mumbai twist to the traditional dosa. Your tummy will be completely satisfied by a simple yet enormous cheese burst masala dosa that is full of deliciousness. The crisp dosa lining is covered in a generous amount of creamy, gooey cheese that drips from top to bottom, making it the best dish for cheese. The dosa is a feast for the stomach and the eyes, filled with vegetables and topped with melted cheese.

Address: Ghatkopar Khau’s Pure Milk Center

Dosa from south India and Pav Bhaji from Maharashtra have been combined to create Pav Bhaji dosa. A masala dosa that has been expanded with additional veggies and spices is known as a “pav bhaji dosa.” The dosa is covered in the standard pav bhaji filling, decorated with finely chopped onions, folded, and served hot. For fans of pav bhaji, this dosa is a delicious alternative to traditional dosa.

Address: Nandu Dosa Dinner and Guru Kripa (Sion) (Juhu and Borivli West)

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