Check out the list of best soothing places to visit soothing views and greeneries of Mumbai to make you feel relaxed

Mumbai is India’s economic capital. It is also said that people here will never sleep empty stomach because the city offers an ample amount of work opportunities from minor sections to higher. This is the city of dreams. People come here and become stars with their hard work. However, work-life become hectic at times, and one’s soul feels tired and frustrated, which is why we recommend you to plan your visit to soothing places in the city.

1) Powai Lake: Powai Lake is an artificial lake in the Powai valley in the suburbs of Mumbai. This was named after Framaji Kavasji Powai Estate. A lake is a beautiful place in Mumbai. And once you visit it will make you feel at home. Powai Lake is a quiet and soothing spot. One can forget all that bothering once you see nature’s beauty.

2. Shivaji Park: Shivaji park is among the most popular places in the city. Many of you might already know this place, but those planning their first attempt make sure to have a good time. This is a public park located in Dadar and the best place to make you feel fresh.

3. Global Vipassana Pagoda: This is one of the famous places but is rarely known by people. Pagoda is a landmark of the teachings of Lord Buddha. It is the largest pillarless dome tone structure in the world.

4. Jehangir Art Gallery: Jehangir Art Gallery is the best place to visit for art lovers. The monuments there are historical and priceless. The art exhibition has paintings, sculptures, photographs, crafts, and others. The art stands as a symbol for the promotion and empowerment of Indian contemporary art.

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