Minecraft has become a worldwide sensation, and its popularity has only grown in the last decade. You can consider yourself a die-hard Minecraft fan or a Minecraft master, but how well do you really know the world’s most popular video game? We’ll go through ten things you didn’t know about Minecraft (or probably didn’t know). Minecraft was almost dubbed Cave Game, but that doesn’t quite ring true.

The health of a wolf can be determined by looking at its tail. When a wolf’s tail is up, it’s healthy; when it’s down, it’s unhealthy. Have you ever wondered what makes Ghasts make their noises? It’s because they’re inspired by a cat! Speaking of cats, we all know they have nine lives, but they appear to have more in Minecraft. No matter how much they fall, they do not seem to take any damage. When you first start the game, there’s a 0.01 percent chance that the introductory menu will show Minecraft instead of the game’s title. Do you want to be unnoticed by Endermen?

Dress up as a pumpkin and wear it on your head! Endermen are immune to being hit with eggs or snowballs. Another fact about the Endermen. When they speak, it sounds like they’re using a strange, made-up language. It’s actually English phrases like “Hello” and “What’s up?” that are reversed and pitched at a different, warped pitch.