Minecraft is a popular game and people of all ages love to play the game. The game allows you to explore infinite worlds and build everything from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. This helps improve your creative thinking. Minecraft is developed by Mojang Studios.

The game allows the players to explore a procedurally generated 3D and the blocky world with virtually infinite topography. There are also a number of spin-off games developed like Minecraft: Story Mode, Minecraft dungeons, and Minecraft Earth.

The game includes building structures like small houses, castles, or any fortifications. In this game, the players can “mine” blocks and build things by placing them as per their choice. As a player explores the game, it is virtually infinite wind procedurally generated. The players can use a map seed that is obtained from the system clog at the time of world creation.

Here are a few Asian-themed houses for players to try out in Minecraft.

1. Traditional Filipino countryside home: For beginners, this home will offer the space they will need to get the first few weeks.

2. Japanese home: The house provides you with compatibility and allows you to build these homes across many worlds and have each of them be unique.

3. Mughal style home: Based on Mughal architecture, featuring earthen tones, such as oranges, deep reds, creams, and off-whites, contrasting with blue, teal, cyan, or green accenting and roofing.

4. Tea house: Tea house is a perfect medium-sized base for midgame for those willing to channel their inner Uncle Iroh.

5. Pagoda: The real-world Buddhist-styled architecture, are large towers with layers separated by sweeping roofs and slightly upturned corners.

6. Himeji Castle: Himeji castle is also known as White Heron Castle. The castle’s characteristics include a bright white appearance, with black wool, concrete, Blackstone, and blocks of coal.

7. Mughal style palace: The palace is capped with teal domes, all white and cream accents, and massive orange pillars and walls.