It’s no surprise that many of Minecraft’s features are still a mystery to some gamers after a decade or so. Every update adds something new and exciting to the game, such as easter eggs, special features, and even entirely new commands and cheats to provide variety to the gameplay. Some of these tactics, secrets, and unique features may be familiar to seasoned players, but they may be unfamiliar to those who play more casually or who have just begun their deep dive into Minecraft.

Why not try some of these out the next time you load up a new world? Anvils were a fantastic addition to Minecraft because they allowed users to add enchantments to their armor and weapons, as well as give them names. Most players are unaware, however, that anvils may also be used to name boats in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. In the anvil UI, place a boat in the first square and give it a name. While using boats is the traditional method, mobs can also be trapped in regions using rails. Rails should be placed on all sides of a hostile mob. Because mobs don’t always know how to cross rails, trapping them in a corner surrounded by rails causes their AI to become confused.

However, don’t rely on this for too long, as some rumors claim that mobs will eventually be able to escape this trap. The Nether is a frightening area, and many Minecraft players are forced to face the reality of burning alive all too soon. Because water doesn’t work in the Nether, the only option is to produce Fire Resistance potions. That is unless you’re playing on the Bedrock Edition. Players can truly extinguish themselves in the Nether by utilizing a splash water bottle. The fire will instantly go out if you throw the splash water bottle down to your feet. If only this was also available in Java Edition.

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