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Amit Sharma Aka Desi Gamers- Networth, Gaming Career, Real life, and more.

An Indian YouTuber named Desi Gamers was born on January 26, 1997, in Siliguri, West Bengal, and plays and broadcasts video games. He joined YouTube on May 11th, 2015, and is currently worth $50,000.

One of India’s top gamers Desi Gamers has a net worth of Rs. 39 lakh, or $50,000 U.S., and his projected yearly revenue is Rs. 32.4 lakh to Rs. 34.8 lakh. His main source of income is YouTube, but he also earns money through affiliate marketing and sponsorships.


Desi Gamers began preparing for competitive tests after graduating. At that time, he had a phone with a readme note 4 and 3 GB of RAM, and he had downloaded the game Free Fire. However, he could not grasp the game, so he had to watch YouTube videos to learn how to play it.

After six months, he began juggling Youtube part-time work at a private company. And he thereafter became a member of the Survivors crew. He already had a YouTube account with 25K subscribers, where he posted animated videos created by other YouTubers and made minor edits. He terminated the channel even though those videos had between 500 and 1000 views.

On May 11, 2015, he established a second YouTube account named “Desi Gamers,” On October 3, 2018, he uploaded his first video, “Free Fire My First Video.” His first major success came after watching the video “Only MP40 Challenge! Free Fire Hindi,” which was posted on November 19, 2018, and attracted 4-5 lakh views.

Amit started a second YouTube channel on June 8th, 2019, named “Desi Army,” where he also posts gaming-related content. He also has three additional YouTube channels, Desi Gamers Esports, Amit Sharma, and DG Shorts. He has more than 2.5 million Instagram followers, 892K Facebook followers, and 88.3K Twitter followers.

Some Information

Friends used to refer to him as Khargosh.

Hindi, English, Nepali, and Bengali are his four native languages.

His favorite YouTubers are BB Ki Vines and Total Gaming.

He received $115 (about Rs. 8,000) as his first payout from YouTube

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