As you might expect, Minecraft enchantments are quite strong, and you’ll want to collect as many as possible in order to have the best chance of surviving in this cruel, blocky world. To balance their incredible power, reaching to the point where you can create and utilize a Minecraft enchanting is no easy task, and there are a lot of processes required in making a great enchantment weapon.

If you’ve gotten to the stage where you have everything you need to survive in Minecraft but still feel like you might be stronger, you might want to invest in an enchanting table. You can bestow powerful (and strange) magical abilities on your weapons and armor with these special blocks, but you never know what result you’ll get. Enchantments can be applied to a broad variety of objects in Minecraft, however, the following are the main kinds of items that you can enchant: armor, tools, weapons, and books.

In Minecraft, there are three main ways to enchant things.

To enchant an item, go to a Minecraft enchanting table and exchange XP and lapis lazuli.

Combine an enchanted book and an unenchanted object on a Minecraft anvil to gain XP.

Combine two enchanted things on an anvil to make one item with two enchantments.

Alternatively, you can sometimes obtain enchanted things by bartering emeralds with villagers. While fishing, or as a drop after killing a zombie, drowned, zombie pigman, husk, stray, wither skeleton, or skeleton, there’s a chance you’ll uncover an enchanted item. In the end city, enchanted artifacts can also be looted.

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