Minecraft has undoubtedly developed its own fan following over the years. The game is played by people of all ages in almost every country on the planet. The constant thrilling and immersive updates provided by the development team are what makes Minecraft an all-time hit. The community loved the most recent 1.18 upgrade. The anticipation for the next Minecraft 1.19 wild update has only increased since then. Both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft will receive the 1.19 update.

Unlike the previous 1.18 update, the forthcoming 1.19 update will solely focus on enhancing the game’s functionality, updating the biomes, and creating unique communities. Here’s what we know so far about the update:

The introduction of New Biomes to the game is the first feature of the new 1.19 version. According to Minecraft, two new Biomes will be added to the game.

1. Deep Dark
2. Mangrove Swamp

The untamed update will also upgrade and expand the game’s existing biomes, in addition to the two new confirmed biomes.

Minecraft’s developers are bringing a new structure to the game. Ancient City is a construction in the Deep Dark Biome that allows players to gain uncommon loot boxes, Minecraft minerals, and new blocks.

Aside from that, as the update’s main goal says, the game’s current biomes will be overhauled, and new settlements will be introduced if all goes according to plan. According to rumors, the new settlements will be called Jungle Village and Swamp Village.

Signing up for the Minecraft Beta program allows players to try out the new 1.19 Wild Update features before the rest of the world. The new 1.19 might be released in the late second quarter of this year, and because it has so many new features, it could be released in two stages: Part I and Part II.

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