Mojang Studios is introducing a useful new feature for its players. The developers have introduced a new command called the ‘place feature.’ Learn more about the Log4j vulnerability, which is broken down into ten factors: What’s the matter, do you have to be afraid? While the title may appear unassuming, it is one of the most important additions to the sandbox genre ever.

As the name implies, it will allow Minecraft players to place ‘options’ such as bushes, blocks, and more complex choices such as amethyst geodes, lava lakes, and ‘Finish islands.’ The new place feature will function similarly to any other Minecraft command. Players can get a list of supported instructions by typing “/,” which will bring up options to change the ‘game’s techniques.’

According to Gamerant, place feature necessitates the use of two variables. Customers would need the characteristic’s id>, as well as the location variable [pos]. The x,y, and z coordinates are used by the place variable. The feature, according to the outlet, allows for an authored era of circumstances. Aside from the new command, the update also includes a slew of bug patches, many of which are for unusual situations.

The 22W03A snapshot exposes the Minecraft 1.18.2 update adjustments that are now available in Java Version. “We’re headed in the path of 1.18.2 to fix a few points, and then it’s full speed forward in the direction of the Wild replace,” producer Adrian steward said on Twitter.