These are Top free fire players for 2022, Raistar to SK Sabir Boss

Raistar To SK Sabir Boss: Top Players Of Free Fire In 2022

One of the most famous games right now is Free Fire. Due to this, a number of top players have emerged in its fiercely competitive market.

There aren’t any standout Latin American players despite the wide range of these players’ nationalities. When compared to the best video game players, they don’t exhibit a very high level of play.

If you are unfamiliar with the top 5 players in the world in Free Fire, we have put together a comprehensive guide for you.

SK Sabir Boss

Sabir Khan Boss

The SK Sabir Boss Free Fire logo

You probably aren’t familiar with this player because he is the most well-known in India. Over 4 million people subscribe to this popular Indian YouTuber and streamer.

He has vowed to stream Free Fire to his Twitch live audience on a regular basis. One of the best competitors is thought of as him. Despite the fact that he presently has one of the best KDAs in the world, this is not his most well-known quality.

TSG Jash

These two competitors are renowned for being among the best in the Free Fire category. They stand out because of how well they perform in their careers. TSG Jash impresses his partner with his prowess. He often performs better overall, makes better decisions, and is more accurate. This doesn’t mean Ritik is a bad player; it just means his partner is better than him.


Raistar is a well-known Free Fire YouTuber, similar to SK Sabir Boss. He is a little more well-liked than his countryman; his total subscription count is around 7 million.

He eventually outperformed SK Sabir Boss in terms of gameplay and visual quality.

Raistar is a player that is at a level that is extremely difficult for other players to reach. Due to his outstanding play, it has become widely thought that he cheats when playing.

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