PUBG Or Free Fire: Which One Is Superior?

Video games are reaching new heights and craze with each passing day. Two of the most famous and loved video games are Free Fire and PUBG. There has been an everlasting debate where both the fans have engaged in a competition of naming one of the games as best.

Player Unknown Battle Ground, commonly known as PUBG became a hit in no time. Free Fire is also one of the most downloaded online games. Both the games are played and loved widely and this makes it more difficult to name one of the games as the best. PUBG mobile is downloaded by 100 million users while Free Fire is downloaded by approximately 500 Million.

While we can name one while considering various other factors like features, graphics, characters, and others.

PUBG uses realistic and smooth graphics while Free Fire is more like an animated action shooting game. Both the games have the best characters as per their requirements and also a number of vehicles.

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