Meet Dynamo's beautiful girlfriend, Kanika. Dynamo is one of the most well-known PUBG Mobile players.

Aditya Deepak Sawant is known as Dynamo. He was born in Mumbai, India, on April 18, 1996. Before PUBG Mobile was released, Dynamo was a YouTuber who streamed games like PUBG Steam and Rainbow Six Siege. He has played and streamed games like PUBG Mobile in the past, in addition to DOTA 2, Battlefield, GTA V, and CS:GO. He understood that since everyone could play mobile games anywhere, they might become very well-liked in India.

While Dynamo hasn’t exactly made his romantic life public. Through social media, we can discover Dynamo’s girlfriend. She is an incredibly attractive girl, as everyone anticipated.

Kanika is the Dynamo’s girlfriend and a PUBG Mobile player. Dynamo has frequently been spotted on stream playing with his fiancée in Team Deathmatch and classic battles. She also plays PUBG Mobile fairly well. Here are a few videos of Dynamo playing with his girlfriend Kanika in several matches.

Here is a video of Dynamo having fun with Kanika, his girlfriend. However, this time they play in PUBG Mobile Classic mode as a Team. Naturally, Dynamo carried the team as a whole, killing an absurd amount of people. However, what makes the broadcast entertaining are the adorable and humorous moments between the couple.

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