Check out these 6 basic fashion outfits to recreate the Ranveer Singh style of fashion

6 Basic Outfits To Recreate The Style Of Ranveer Singh

When it comes to the game of fashion and style, that only actor we can think of who’s never really afraid of fashion policing is Ranveer Singh. Over the years, Ranveer has given the ‘pseudo-liberal fashion cops’ plenty of opportunities to question his sense of style and fashion but if who better than Ranveer to be all unfazed and not give a damn about the situation?

Be it unique jackets or printed shirts, Ranveer is the man of ‘all seasons’ and his clothing and fashion choices certainly suggest the same to the world. So a big question coming up for all you Ranveer Singh fans. Do you all want to dress up like him and slay the ‘dude’ game? Well, here are 6 of such fashion outfits below from where you can draw some inspiration. Take a look –

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