Arijit Singh can dress better in ethnic outfits than any of us, and here's proof

Bollywood Singer Arijit Singh’s Traditional Outfits Are Way Beyond Our Style Game

Arijit Singh is one such music artist present everywhere and belongs to every heart. If you turn on your music channel or radio, there will be at least one of Arijit Singh’s songs playing. He is a national celebrity for his soulful voice and has a generous heart that is very kind and helpful. He came to prominence when he won the reality show and later was offered a song by Sanjay Leela Bhansali for his film Saawariya.

Arijit Singh made his debut with Phir Mohabbat in Murder 2, and since then, he has become a huge household name. His soulful songs like Baatein Bhi Kahi Naa, Pal, and Mast Magan have been prevalent, and we can’t help but sing along whenever the melody is being played. Since his debut, he has changed his singing style and has always been versatile to remain relevant and away from the stereotypical singing range.

But Arijit Singh can put our traditional outfits, and his way of wearing them can put our styling to shame. He is impressive and dresses in a very simplistic manner and yet is way above our fashion game. Here is proof that will prove that his fashion is way beyond our fashion game.

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