Chang Kiha, Suga and Baekhyun are stylish in dark colours.

Chang Kiha, Suga, Baekhyun Make Perfect Style Statement In Dark Colours

Celebrities and their style statements are enviable to the core!! We talk of the singers Chang Kiha, Suga and Baekhyun who are of South Korean origin. The three of them are great in terms of their singing talent and have amassed love from fans.

Chang Kiha the lead singer of the band Kiha and the Faces is a tremendous talent. Chang’s band had its first single Cheap Coffee which won huge accolades.

Suga the South Korean rapper, songwriter is a member of the pop idol group BTS. Suga has had huge success as singer and has reaped rewards.

Baekhyun the South Korean singer and songwriter is a member of the South Korean-Chinese group Exo.

The three of them look great in their super dressing and styles. And when they are seen in their dark coloures dresses, they look stunning.

Check their pictures in shades right here.

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