Here's a dropping list of best songs by Baekhyun that you must hear once

Superstar vocalist Baekhyun has made himself a name through all of his staggering music. And when we say his vocals are heavenly, his voice is stunning, beautiful, mesmerizing, and soothing to listen to. Baekhyun is not just a member of EXO but also the leader of SuperM. The singer is one strong solo artist with multiple musical talents.

And today, we share some of his best tracks.

1)UN Village: The idol introduced his interesting beats along with soft vocals in UN Village. At the same time, the song’s romantic words rank it on top of the playlist. This is one of the best songs to recommend to your loved ones.

2)Bambi: This song lies in everyone’s top pick. The guitar and languid best make the song sexier, which suits Baekhyun. Bambi is a must-track for those battling with their feelings.

3) Amusement Park: This is one of the underrated songs with soft and soothing music. The casualty and relatable factor make this song one of our top picks. The soft music and lyrics won millions of hearts

4)Candy: This song makes our hearts beat harder. And to be honest, this might already be on your list.

5)Bungee: Bungee is such a song that you would like to hear it on loop. And light and free tracks make you feel lightened up. And the little surprise the song has will make this song your favorite.

Certain that you liked listening to the suggested songs. So please let us know in the comments box and for more updates, keep reading the website

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