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Best fashion moments of singer Demi Lovato! MUST WATCH!

Demi Lovato’s Best Fashion Moments Of The Decade

Demi Lovato is an American singer and an actor and is one of a celebrity who is comfortable in her own skin. Though she publicly struggled with self-esteem, mental illness, and body image in the past, she emerged stronger than ever but she is always great with her styling and fashion sense. Her confidence is not only seen in her amazing music, but also it appears in the way she carries herself, and the clothes she wears. Since she first burst onto the scene as a Disney star almost 10 years ago, Demi is consistent in showing off her personality through her awesome sense of style and fashion. So, honoring her, here’s a look back at some of her best looks.

Below, we break down her few of her best sartorial moments.

Head-to-toe leopard print isn’t specifically the most comfortable appearance to pull off but Demi makes it achieve with slicked-back hair and a waist-defining belt in a somewhat contrasting print.

Hoops, sneakers, and a bold lip are all go-to looks for Demi.

Demi’s one of the best is taking on the safari/animal print trend, we’ve seen amongst all the celebrities, and makes a pretty strong case for matching your top and shoes with it as well.

She knows one thing which is how to create an outfit that will flatter and flow in all of the right places. She tries some figure-hugging dresses and off-the-shoulder denim jacket looks.

Demi has always already proved that she knows how to rock matching sets and wears them often.

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