We often get inspiration for prom from these hair makeovers, so we’ve gathered some of our favorite short haircuts that would be ideal for the occasion. Additionally, we have a mix of everything. There are shoulder-length, chin-length, and cropped prom hairstyles available. (In addition to everything in between.) To find the ideal short prom hairstyle for you, scroll down. Just keep in mind to take good care of your short hair along the way by using hair masks, heat protectant spray, and of course, gentle hands!

Kristen Stewart

Numerous short hairstyles have been worn by Kristen Stewart, but this one in particular absolutely exudes the cool girl spirit so perfectly. Use a texturizing spray on your hair and choose a looser, more natural part rather than a really straight line if that’s also your aesthetic.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat chose some classic Hollywood waves to show that you don’t need long hair to achieve the style. Even though it is a significant flashback, this timeless look is ideal for anyone who wants to look back on their prom pictures throughout time.

Coco Jones

If the middle is still your favorite section, Coco Jones has you covered. At the Teen Vogue New Hollywood celebration, she offered us the ideal prom hair inspiration while looking absolutely stunning. Use a tail comb to form a straight part down the center of your hair, then flat iron your hair on each side to get her style.

Billie Eilish

Billie chose a flipped bob for her picture-perfect Grammys appearance, and you can do the same for prom. Curl your hair’s ends upwards if you’re using a flat iron. If you prefer blowouts, simply run a brush across the top of your hair and curl it upward.

Demi Lovato

With a gem like Demi Lovato’s, you may give finger waves a trendy flair (one with a Euphoria theme).