Style in perfection this monsoon with these tips

This Is How You Style Your Monsoon Fashion To Perfection

We all like to wear our favourites and style in them, but this wet weather makes everything dirty.

Follow these tips to style in monsoon:-
1. Choose light colours- Wear lights colours. Get a matching umbrella or trench coat and a pair of vibrant colour gumboots to look more stylish.
2. Go for shorts- Opt for short dress, skirts or shorts. They are more comfortable. Try to go for floral prints this season.
3. Spark with dark colours- In between go for dark colours, as rainy dress makes a trend for light colours.
4. Monsoon perfect footwear- Pick some light comfortable flip-flops or jelly flats for rainy days. Avoid closed footwear.
5. Perfect umbrella- A Vibrant coloured umbrella will make your outfit look more playful.
6. Right Fabric- Go for light fabrics like cotton, Avoid synthetic.
7. Suitable handbag- Choose a nylon handbag with prints or complete plain.
8. Midi dress- Instead of long kurta dress or long dress go for a midi dress.

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