The injury suddenly happens during sports or exercising when there is sudden push off of the muscles. Pain in calf muscles is temporary, but it can give you much more pain. Dehydration, lack of stretching and weak muscles can lead to calf muscle pain.

The treatment of this injury entirely depends on the cause of injury.

For basic treatment, you can treat your calf muscle pain with these tips:-
1. Tie a proper and clean cloth bandage to the calf muscles and let it rest.
2. Do not use your calf muscle unnecessarily or providing load on calf muscles.
3. Apply ice to reduce the pain, this would give you relief from the pain.
4. Wear a compression stocking or stretchy bandage to avoid bandage.
5. Circulation is important to elevate your leg on a pillow. It also reduces pain.

Show your consulted doctor when you have swollen or pale leg or when your leg is unusually cooled. Increasing age, obesity, pregnancy or cancer can higher the risk of clot formation in your deep veins known as Deep Veins Thrombosis.