Due to this pandemic, many people spending time indoors, and almost all people are suffering from various problems. Working from home as well as online education becomes mandatory. Your eyes strained due to continuous staring at digital devices. There is discomfort or pain, fluctuating vision, and tired aching eyes, which are signs of eye strain. You can’t avoid sitting in front of your device while working from home, but you can surely take care of your eyes with few tips while working from home. Here are few tips.


Always adjust your monitor and ensure your monitor in front of you. You should not gaze upwards at the screen, which should be just below eye level.


Adjust the brightness of the monitor to your surrounding level brightness. This will help you to increase contrast on your screen to reduce strain.


Install screen protector to reduce the glare from the monitor. For spectacle purchase lenses with the anti-reflective coating, as this may help reduce glare. If possible position the monitor in such a way that windows by your side, not front or back.


Use proper eyewear, specially made for computer and also if you are using the monitor for more hours, avoid contact lenses.


Continuous concentration on the screen will be a risky affair for your eye health, as it may strain your eyes. It is advisable to take a break in between and stretch a little bit, close eyes, blink in between and continue.


Artificial tears will relieve dry eyes or eye drops the best suit your need can be used. Lubricating eye drops that don’t contain preservatives can be used often.

All those precautions you should take to get rid of strained eyes when you are working from home. This will help you in many ways to take care of your eyes.