Various games are being played for different reasons, like entertainment, fun, education, or pleasure. There are many sleep app games also available. Most of the time you can have sleepless nights. You may have tried many things all together for better sleep, like turning, moving around or getting up, etc. but ultimately you tend to reach for your mobile. Very few people are aware that there are few sleep apps games available. Here is the best list of favorite games and apps to help you fall asleep.


Like the name recommends, this game is all about promoting peace, harmony, and relaxation. The best part is it has one thousand levels.


This game is quite simple and allows you to think about dream walking, you might fall asleep. In this game, you guide the main character, Anna through different adventures she experiences as she dreams. The added touch of good music and controls is very easy. You need to fall back into a dream state after a sleepless night.


This is the best option designed for restless sleepers in mind and it’s not that difficult. In this game mindless activities like playing with Fidget spinner, darts, block, and light switches you need to finally get to sleep.


This game is engaging enough to keep interested but simple enough to help you fall asleep.


This is a popular app among people who are looking for a relaxing program.

Various other app games that will put you to sleep instantly are Artbook story, My sleep button, Sheep Sleep, Okay? etc.