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Here are '5' Things That Make Girls Regret After Marriage

These ‘5’ Things Make Girls Regret After Marriage

When a woman marries the man of her dreams, it brings tons of happiness to her. Marriage comes with beautiful experiences like being loved by someone all time, being pampered, having someone to rely on, being praised, getting compliments. Even small things and moments matter and bring much happiness.

Marriage has its own pros and cons. The union comes with many negatives to it. Whether those issues are big or small there are some things that make a woman regret after marriage. Here are the top 5 things that make a woman regret-

1. Not getting enough space- After your marriage, your decisions don’t rely on you alone. Buying something for yourself or going out for a professional cause, you need to take your husband’s and in-laws permission. If you live in a joint family, you have to give an explanation for your every action.

2. Not the same person anymore- After marriages, there are behavioural changes in every woman. There are times when you and your husband need to change some things, but in the end, the only one changes is you.

3. Need some more time to enjoy life- After marriage, a woman is expected to take every decision while keeping her family in mind. The priorities of a woman change completely after marriage.

4. Didn’t want kids so early- Many times a woman is asked to convince early just after some months of marriage. Even is she isn’t ready to have babies early.

5. Lost touch with friends- The connection and bond with her friends is lost after marriage as a woman gets too busy with her family commitments and housework.

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