Know the truth about Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich's relationship

Truth About Demi Lovato And Max Ehrich’s Relationship!

Demi Lovato & Max Ehrich are undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous and popular couples of Hollywood at the moment. Both are sheer couple goals for their fans and one simply cannot get enough of their charming presence. All you fans know about them dating and them being together. But readers, do you know how it all started? Well today, we reveal the truth to you.

As per reports in,. Demi Lovato has been dating Max Ehrich for as long as just 5 months till now.

That’s quite surprising ain’t it? Both of them announced their engagement on July 23 and the world couldn’t help but go all ‘aww’.

It is to be noted that Lovato and Ehrich made their first appearance together when Lovato accidentally popped up in Ehrich’s Instagram Live. He was performing on the piano when Lovato simply walked into the frame. At thay time, Ehrich seemed to mouth, “I’m live,” multiple times before she realized and started to cover her face with a blanket.

From then till now, it’s been all good for this lovely couple and we wish them a happy journey going forward as well.

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