Everyone wants to have enjoyed on weekends or vacation. While planning everyone look at the budget also along with enjoyment. On your part little homework is required altogether. You can plan for many beautiful places, but the budget may not permit you.

If you avoid 5-star accommodation and lavish meal, there are plenty of places in India to explore on a low budget. There are lots of cheapest places that come into the picture. You can go for affordable hotels and food here and can travel at a low cost.

Here are a few cheapest budget places to travel while Planning a road trip.


This is a wonderful tourist place visited by most of the people. The cold air, refreshing green area, tiger hills and tea plantation is a major attraction. You can walk and explore the nightlife here. Toy train, as well as another mode of transport, are very cheap options. You can walk around the tea plantation and have an awesome experience. Accommodation is also cheap here. Overall you can have enjoyed this place with the cheapest budget.


It is like the famous venis of the east and can be explored at the cheapest cost. The best places to visit while in Alleppey is boating and swimming on the lagoons and waterways. Here you will get delicious coconut flavoured seafood. For accommodation hotels are cheap options and you can hire a houseboat. The natural beauty and climate are superb.


Here in Pondicherry, you can savour a french feel at a low cost. You have the option of an ashram for staying with veg food. You can enjoy many french delicacies. You can take even free yoga classes and explore this beautiful place by walk or rent a bike and cycle. This place is among the cheapest budget places to travel to.


Goa is considered to be the most affordable tourist destination in India. You can party in the shacks along the beach. The food and beverage are at affordable prices. You can take the rented bike and explore Goa. Portuguese architecture is also a centre of attraction, especially churches. the In Local market, you get a variety of clothes and seafood. If you want personal time then cute hut is a good option.