IWMBuzz tells you how you can get natural dimples like Deepika Padukone

4 Ways to Get Dimples Naturally Like Deepika Padukone

Perhaps the only ‘flaw’ about the human face that has never been judged as a ‘flaw’ but has instead been treated as an attribute of ‘cuteness’ is the dimple. Dimples are actually the result of a deformity that causes the skin of the cheek muscle to draw tightly and that’s what makes it prominent when someone smiles.

Talking about dimples, one actress who’s extremely loved by everyone for her adorable smile and dimple is Deepika Padukone. Although Deepika Padukone’s dimple is a natural one, we have few life hacks for you guys based on which you too can get the dimple and start charming people using it. Check out our hacks below –

i) Facial Exercise – Do a lot of facial exercises daily as that will ensure your cheek muscles don’t loosen up and if they become tight enough, you too can naturally get the dimple when you flash your smile.

ii) Contouring Makeup- Using the art of contouring where you can literally play with the dimensions of your face, you can try getting a dimple and in most cases, it works.

iii) Try to have a wider smile – Results show that people who have a naturally wider smile tend to flaunt dimples more often than the ones who don’t.

So guys, get going and let that dimple be the reason why everyone goes ‘aww’ when they see you.

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