Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is enormous, both physically and metaphorically. He’s evolved into a breakthrough icon rather than a breakout star over the previous few years. Few professional actors today are more known, and his brand is pure gold. Johnson has worked on a variety of projects, ranging from TV series to blockbuster films, and clothing lines to documentary production, and most of them have been huge hits.

Johnson’s openness about his biography has been one of the factors that have made him so appealing over the years. He is open to a wide range of issues. He discusses his childhood, his hardships as a young adult, and even the pleasures of motherhood on a regular basis. Even the most ardent followers of the musician once (currently?) known as the Rock, however, are left with a few unturned stones. This is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s secret story.

Dwayne Johnson was — and still is, for too many — the Rock, an everlasting legend of professional wrestling before Fast and Furious, before Ballers, before he became Hollywood’s biggest star. The Rock was the greatest name in the business at his peak, with his bombastic demeanor, tremendous microphone abilities, and memorable battles with the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H solidifying him as an industry all-time great.

Johnson has also been candid about his shady legal history as a teenager. He was repeatedly arrested as a child in Hawaii for his involvement in a local stealing ring. Johnson has stated that the only reason he is not in prison is due to his incredibly supportive family. He’s also taken those experiences and made something positive out of them.

Source: Looper