Princess Diana is one of the most well-known royals in history. Even decades after her death, the part-loved, part-controversial figure has always made news at regular intervals. While everything about her is surprising, there is always something fresh to be shocked by. Last but not least, the beauty was Hollywood-ready.

Princess Diana’s life is one of the most well-documented in the royal family, and her narrative is one of the most widely discussed. However, if the final section of the update is correct, the princess was pursuing a career in Hollywood prior to her tragic demise. Kevin Costner was rumored to be interested in casting her in a sequel to his 1992 movie.

Stewart Pearce, Princess Diana’s friend, and confidant has made the most recent discoveries concerning her Hollywood ambitions. Pearce made it clear to Mirror that her ambitions were not to star on the big screen but to work behind it.

Intended to create documentaries similar to the ones Prince Harry is now working on. “No, no, no,” he stated emphatically. “Diana was unconcerned about such nonsense. Absolutely. Despite her admiration for the performing arts, particularly dance, she did not consider that this (performance) was her creative path at the moment.”

Princess Diana was ready to meet many Hollywood contacts through her Hollywood pals like David Puttnam, but she died in August 1997 and was never able to attend the reunion. Stewart claims that if he had been able to enter the city of tinsel as a producer, she would have received a lot of accolades.