Although awards season has yet to begin, Kristen Stewart’s performance in Spencer has already sparked an interest. Stewart’s edgy Hollywood image and Diana’s public demeanor appear to be diametrically opposed. Since the film’s premiere in September at the Venice International Film Festival, critics have focused on her makeover to authentically depict the royal.

Even still, the two women have more in common than one might assume, particularly when it comes to fashion. Both are Chanel devotees with a talent for glamming up everyday ensembles. For example, when Stewart went to a filming of the Today show in New York this morning, she wore one of Diana’s favorite outfits: biking shorts. Diana popularized all-night gym attire in the mid-’90s.

The princess’s post-gym ensembles became fashion trends after she was regularly seen following her early workouts at London’s Chelsea Harbour Club. By combining her sneakers and leggings with posh goods like Gucci’s Bamboo purse and large sunglasses, Diana previewed the blend of luxury and gym gear that has become the norm.

Bike shorts are becoming acceptable attire for even the most formal occasions, and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez wear their Birkins to the gym. The cast of Stewart’s Today show followed these guidelines.

She blended high fashion classics with accessible pieces by wearing a tiny black jacket from Chanel’s resort 2022 collection with black cycle shorts, a white tank top, and Nike’s low retro Dunks.

Stewart and her stylist Tara Swennen are known for their calm demeanor, but their latest ensemble managed to capture both the actor’s laid-back manner and the iconic royal she portrays on television.