'It Would Have Been a Fun Deal,' says Josh Brolin, who was almost cast as Zack Snyder's Batman.

Audiences adore debating who is the best Batman, partially because over the previous three decades, we’ve had Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, Ben Affleck, and now Robert Pattinson give six very distinct interpretations and four separate franchise iterations. Josh Brolin, for example, could have been on that list.

On MTV’s Happy Sad Confused podcast, the “Outer Range” star confessed that he was this close to playing the Caped Crusader in Zack Snyder’s DC movie.

“That piqued my interest,” Brolin stated. “It wasn’t my decision, it was his decision.”

The role was presented to Brolin before the release of “Deadpool 2” in 2018, and he was pitched to play a totally distinct version of Batman. “For want of a better phrase, it would have been the older, more raspy…” Brolin explained. “To be honest, that would have been a lot of fun. And who knows, maybe when I’m 80, I’ll do it.”

“I liked those odds,” the “Dune” actor continued, between a character that is “built up to not work at all or to work flyingly” and taking chances with projects. “I’m thinking to myself, ‘Am I the man who’s going to ruin it all?'” Brolin went on.

“By the way, who I didn’t think was horrible, I talked to Clooney, who is still joking about it and it wasn’t his fault,” Brolin added of Clooney’s polarizing previous Bruce Wayne. “He enjoys a good nipple joke, and [director] Joel [Schumacher] was the one who came up with that. He had done nothing wrong.”


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