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Check out some of the most embarrassing photos of Deepika Padukone

The Most Embarrassing Photos Of Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is a ‘queen’ and a sensation in the true sense of the term and it is needless to say that Deepika has emerged to be one of the finest actresses of the Hindi film industry in the last 12 years. Her beautiful B-Town journey started with Om Shanti Om opposite the Badshah of Bollywood, King Khan and from then till now, ‘fabulous’ is the only word that comes to our mind when we think of describing Deepika’s journey.

She’s paparazzi’s delight for real and she loves to pose. No wonder the internet has been witness to some of the most amazing pictures of Deepika Padukone. But hey, hang on. Are they all good without any flaws? Well, to break the ice, they are not. As much as we are happy to point out some of Deepika’s most amazing photos on internet, we have also seen some weird and embarrassing photos of her which will certainly get your thinking shoes on as to what Deepika Padukone was up to at that point of time.

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Check out those weird photos below –

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