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This recipe by Dwayne Johnson will make you want to try out the recipe asap.

End Your Cheat Day With Dwayne The Johnson Rock: See How He Does It

All the readers who follow a diet know how important cheat day is. The one day of the week that you wished came with supersonic speed. But that’s not the case you have to wait for seven longs days to eat your favourite food. And when that day finally comes you can’t wait to satisfy your whole week’s craving in one day.

What a pure bliss cheat day brings. Most of the people like to plan their cheat day meal beforehand. From breakfast to dinner to dessert, some people also opt for a seven-course meal. But have you ever pondered upon the thought what do celebrities eat on their cheat day?

Thanks to Dwayne Johnson for sharing his cheat day dessert recipe with us. He calls it his infamous rock toast. Looking at the final dish it sure looks very tempting. This is absolutely a mouth-watering dish, so don’t forget to try it out on your next cheat day.

Check out the video and let us how it tasted of you decide to try it out.

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