Deepika Padukone has hit the headlines several times in the country, while at times for her brilliant performances on-screen, while some for her choices. Here read to know, how the actress made it to the headlines for all wrong reasons, as stated in Bollywood Life.

1. The actress fell into trouble after she decided to auction her outfits, however, she was called out by the netizens, for the two outfits she held for action were the ones she wore at Jiah Khan’s funeral and Priyanka Chopra’s father’s prayer meet. Netizens called her out for the reason that she held it for auction rather than donating it to the needy.

2. When she stood with the JNU students to condemn the heinous attack on the students, before her Chappak’s release. However, the actress was called “anti-national” for the same.

3. The actress took all her Instagram posts back in January 2021 to symbolise a new beginning. However, it left the whole nation in shock.

4. Deepika’s infamous “My Choice” Video got her to hit the headlines, for many criticised the content.

5. Deepika Padukone was called out for challenging a makeup influencer to recreate her “acid-attack survivor” look.

6. Deepika Padukone was brutally trolled for collaborating with WHO to discuss mental health. The actress was called out by the netizens, who said that it’s just another money-making stunt for her, she doesn’t really about mental health.