Jennifer Garner is always the one, who comes up with spooky yet clever ideas for Halloween. Recently, the 50-year-old actress took to her instagram and shared a video featuring three ghosts appearing and disappearing. Two of the ghosts were she is seen in two spooky costumes and one was her doggo, Birdie.

One of Jennifer Garner’s ghosts was dressed in a purple and black dress with a wide purple satin belt and large matching bow in her long black wig. While, the other Garner ghost was donned in all white, from the long, shredded dress and slippers to her long white wig of hair. Meanwhile, Birdie wore a white shredded pillowcase with eye holes cut out.

With both the spooky costumes, Jennifer Garner had opted for unique horror-like makeup look with a dark tone. Also, with the post, the actress penned a spooky poem that she also recited in the video.

Jennifer Garner’s caption read, “Three little ghostesses, Sitting on postesses, Eating buttered toastesses, Greasing their fistesses, Up to their wristesses, Oh, what beastesses, To make such feastesses!”

Jennifer Garner also wished her fans a very happy Halloween and ended the caption by giving a shout out to her makeup artist, Fiona Stiles.

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