Kristen Stewart and stunning and funkiest hairstyle picks that have been our all time favourites, see pictures below-

Kristen Stewart is always toying with varying hairdos and looks. The artiste has proposed a variety of hues and tints for her tresses and aced it in every public appearance to date.

The starlet has always portrayed in her scorching and unconventional hairstyles, which has baffled her fans. From intertwined plaits to some trendy cheeky undercuts, the woman appears to have honed it all!

Speaking of that, here we have decoded some of her best hairstyle picks over the decades and we can’t stop missing out on it-

When Kristen marked a bold appeal in the side slick hairstyle, combing one part of her hair with gel, and then blow drying the other section of hair.

The time Kristen looked the best with her pink tips, acing the “tendril” hairstyle.

When Stewart came up with her timeless “Fauxhawk” statement hairstyle at an event, picking up on the spikes at the very right 90 degrees.

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