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Manoj Tiwari faces death threat

Manoj Tiwari Faces Death Threat At Rally

Bihar was abuzz on Monday with rumours of BJP’s top crowdpuller Manoj Tiwari facing death threat at a rally in a mofussil town of Bihar.Security around the Bhojpuri actor was duly tightened, and Manoj was advised to skip the risky rally.

However Manoj decided to brave it with full State security.

Before flying off to the dangerous spot Manoj told this writer, “It is true that there are reports of death threat at a rally in a town named Dinara. I’ve been advised by my party members to skip that rally. But how can I disappoint so many of the people who would be gathered at Dinara?”

Tiwari has been travelling to rallies on behalf of parent party(the BJP) to as many as 4-5 Bihar towns every day by a private jet. In the evening he jets back to Delhi to be with his family.

Manoj Tiwari who has been campaigning for the BJP during the current Bihar elections says threats cannot obstruct his plans. “Of course the threat scares me. But it can’t stop me from doing what I’ve set out to do. My (BJP) Party relies on me to bring in the crowds . By God’s grace every rally that I’ve addressed in Bihar attracts a crowd of 10-15 thousand people. It’s crazy! The supporters come from far-off places with great hopes and expectations. I can’t let them down. As far as threats go, they are a part of the territory. If one has to go one will go. But until the day I’m destined to go on one can harm me.”

What worries Manoj Tiwari more at the the moment is the absence of social distancing at these election rallies. “Thousands are packed together in a maidaan. They do not follow any Covid guidelines. We are all exposed to a very high level of infection risk.”

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