Ever since the release of ‘The Kerala Story’, it has been causing huge controversies over the internet. Some support the film, while many are against it. And now the veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah criticized the film’s success and called it a ‘dangerous trend’.

Naseeruddin Shah was asked about The Kerala Story in an interview with India Today. He said, “Worthwhile films like Bheed, Afwaah, Faraaz, all three collapsed. Nobody went to see them, but people are flocking to see The Kerala Story, which I have not seen, and I don’t intend to see it as I have read enough about it.”

Further talking about the film’s success, he said, “On one hand, it is a dangerous trend, no doubt. We seem to be heading the way of Nazi Germany where, in Hitler’s time, the filmmakers were co-opted, attempted to be co-opted, by the supreme leader to make films praising him and what he has done for the countrymen and running down the Jewish community.”

In contrast, the Bharatiya Janta party leader Manoj Tiwari in an interview with Aaj Tak reacted to Naseeruddin Shah’s comment and said, “He is a good actor but Naseeruddin ki niyat achi nahi hai (Naseeruddin’s intent is not right). I say this with a heavy heart.”

Further, he added, “When films were made that showed a guy sitting at a shop and passing remarks about a woman, Nasir sahab had nothing to say.”

Also, “It is very easy to talk. The way he has identified himself, it is not good as an Indian and as a human being.”

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