Subhash Ghai’s Karma in 1986, the only film to bring the two behemoths of Bollywood Dilip Kumar and Naseeruddin Shah together, was not a pleasant experience for Naseer.

When Rivalry Between Naseeruddin Shah  &  Dilip Kumar Was  Blown Out Of  Proportion 835310

Many scenes of Naseer were either changed during shooting or edited out after release. There was a lot of talk back then about the Dilip-Naseer rivalry. But the fact is , Naseer had no problems with the Thespian.

Multiple sources confirmed to this writer that the so-called Dilip-Naseer feud was actually planned by the film’s marketing team, with the active approval of the film’s helmers.

Naseer spoke to this writer on his phantom feud with Dilip Kumar. “The supposed problems we had during the making of a film which I’d rather forget, was all the invention of the media and some vested interests who made our working together sound like some sort of acting duel that was to take place, when considering the nature of our respective roles , I actually didn’t stand a chance. All this fanned the non-existent flames when the fact was we hardly even met including in the scenes we had together.”

For Naseer acting is never about one-upmanship. “I don’t consider acting to be a contest or a game of one-upmanship and I was far from happy with all the talk of Dilip Kumar Versus Me. I have never denied that it was my childhood dream to act with and not opposite, him.”

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