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Celebrities getting vocal about their sexual preferences is much needed for the common man to accept themselves and be proud…

Miley Cyrus, Fergie, Tim Cook and more: Famous and Proud LGBT celebrities

The honesty and openness of celebrities have helped their fellow celebrities as well as the common man to come out and accept their own preferences. The LGBT community has struggled for years to get the acceptance and respect they deserve. However, as a few celebrities got vocal about their preferences and were strong to tell the world that they were perfectly normal and not ashamed of their choices, it helped a lot of other famous personalities to come out. Here are a few famous celebrities:

Miley Cyrus: Miley Cyrus was seen as a cute bubbly girl who played Hannah Montana, but this strong-headed woman evolved into a delegate for gender equality. In 2015 she announced she was gender fluid and pansexual.

Fergie: This amazing woman was married when she came out about her sexuality. She had told her hunky husband Josh Duhamel that she found women beautiful. She was not ashamed of it and accepted that she had fun with a lot of women.

Tim Cook: The Apple CEO didn’t come out as gay until 2014. He did so because he got a lot of letters from kids who were confused about their sexual orientation and some were banished by their own families. He is the first openly gay CEO of a Fortune 500 Company.

Som Hye: The K-pop singer posted a picture on Instagram with her girlfriend and introduced her girlfriend to her fans. She accepted that she is bisexual and doesn’t need people to understand her orientation or her love.

Paris Jackson: Michael Jackson’s eldest daughter came out when she was 14 and her father was very supportive. She is one strong woman who said she loves people for being people and she doesn’t label herself and doesn’t need one.

Well, when such influential people come out and get vocal about their orientation, it is certainly easier for common people to come out and for their parents to accept them as well.

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