Take tips to style and learn from Scarlett Johansson

Style Tips: 5 Style Lessons To Learn From Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is sent to the top of Hollywood’s hot property list for portraying the role Black Widow in Avengers.

Take some style tips and lessons from Scarlett Johansson:-
1. In March 1997, Scarlett Johansson was just 13 and had already bagged 2 movies. She also knew how to style perfectly for an Awards function, Independent Spirit Awards, Scarlett chose to wear a canary-coloured knit dress paired with lime green platforms and some oh-so-cute hair slides.
2. Wear on just like Scarlett keeps it classy by wearing a conservative knee-length cut and no-nonsense tan heels.
3. Go on for the new plaid, the cherry, whimsical pattern just like Scarlett Johansson with Polka dot outfits.
4. Style on with a blazer over dresses to make your look more stylish, just like Scarlett Johansson does. Go on for a pair of high heels.
5. Wear a prima ballerina-inspired evening gown instead of tight chignon and wear your hair loose. Complete your look with long earrings and minimal makeup.

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