In conversation with Swara Bhaskar

TV channels must do their job and not hold media trials: Swara Bhaskar

Actress Swara Bhaskar who has been vocal in her opposition to the vilification campaign against Bollywood spoke exclusively after the lawsuit.

“It’s a most welcome move. During the last few months the the way we’ve seen our film industry being vilified by two channels Times Now and Republic TV against whom the defamation case has been filed, is shameful and irresponsible,as much of their campaign was based on salacious rumours and hearsay. A lot of the accusations were inaccurate and defamatory as though a ploy to boost TRPs by hook or crook.”

Swara feels Bollywood has its blind spots, but to label the whole industry as evil is wrong. “There are plenty of hardworking actors and technicians. You can’t write them off as undesirable just to be newsy and sensational. Let me also point out that Bollywood is not just about actors but hundreds of technicians. Everyone’s livelihood was being affected by this smearing campaign. It is so heartening to see all the production houses, big and small, joining hands to fight for their reputation.Also four major unions have also come forward.As a female actor I’m so glad CINTAA(the Cine & TV Artists Association) which has always safeguarded women in Bollywood, is a plaintiff in the lawsuit.”

Swara is also happy about the demands of the lawsuit. “It’s not saying the two offending channels should be gagged. The lawsuit asks for the channels to be prevented from badmouthing our film industry. That’s only reasonable. It’s a reminder that the TV channels must do their job and not hold media trials. It’s a very welcome move.”