We tell You How Urmila Matondkar Is Coping With Isolation

It’s a wake-up call for all humankind to be grateful, to stay humble and grounded: Urmila Matondkar

Urmila Matondkar has always been a bit of a recluse. Even when she was shooting round-the-clock she made sure she rushed home immediately after pack-up.

Now with the enforced lockdown I found Urmila to be the least perturbed about the lack of physical movement.

Says Urmila, “I’ve always been a home bird so it’s not an issue as such as of now.”

Urmila is keeping busy with her dogs (she has been a canine enthusiast from the time I got to know her 20 years ago) and a whole lot of reading. She and her husband Mohsin Akhtar Mir have been giving each other company during these times of prolonged isolation.

Says Urmila, “This is certainly a good time to introspect on many aspects of our living and lifestyle.”

She also feels this is the moment when we need to realize how fickle life is. “It’s frankly a wake-up call for all humankind to be grateful, stay humble and grounded. It would be nice for everyone to realise what’s been missing from his or her life and alter the thinking process accordingly.”

Urmila admits the lockdown has made her a bit lazy. “The sleeping hours and the eating frequency have increased. But it’s a phase of life, so it has to be taken in one’s stride.”

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