Dwayne Johnson also known as The Rock is a renowned actor and a well known professional wrestler. Being one of the all-time greatest professional wrestlers, people are keen to know his workout regime and his favourite workouts. Dwayne Johnson has a body that can make anybody go green with envy and to maintain that he puts in a lot of effort. He took to Instagram to answer his curious fans about his favourite lifts in the gym and also addressed a few other questions from them.

The Rock said that all of the gym lifts are his favourite, the full-body workout and main focus on the lower body. He stressed that due to the quarantine, gyms are inaccessible and so everybody looking to get back to working out or beginning to work out post quarantine should have a written inventory about their fitness goals to achieve them. He also answered why he doesn’t post his workout and it simply highlights how sensitive he is towards other people around him.

Take a look at the video and stay tuned for more such updates.

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