Fairy tales have always been a fun fantasy and escape from reality for readers as well as audiences who enjoy the genre. The movie industry has long since taken over filming different fairy tales. Each maker has its own touch and twists.

Cinderella is one story that has so many different versions, from the animated Cinderella movies to the teen flick, A Cinderella story, there are quite a few variations of the fairy tale. Two of the more recent renditions of the story are the ones starring Lily James which was released in 2015 and Camila Cabello’s film which aired on Amazon in 2021.

There is quite a bit of the population who believes that Lily James’ Cindellara was a better rendition of the hope-filled tale. This interpretation of the fairytale was truly magical. It was modern while still resisting the revisionist trend! Unlike Cabello’s movie, this one was loyal to its roots and the original fairy tale. Lily James also played the role extremely well with a perfect balance of sweetness and strength, even compliance and courage. This is one of the classic film renditions of the tale.

Camilla Cabello’s film, on the other hand, was a bold attempt at putting a fresh and modern take to the classic story. It strayed from the traditional tale. However, as per an Entertainment Weekly report, critics stated the movies to be cringeworthy, with ill-curated contemporary musical numbers. The movies also swerve away quite a bit from their original “happily-ever-after”. Most people were disappointed that the movies didn’t take love to be the happy ending. Instead, Cinderella got her happily ever after from launching her own business, which isn’t that bad a message!

What are your thoughts on the matter? Which Cinderella movie do you prefer; Lily James or Camila Cabello? Let us know in the comments below!

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