Check out a list of special actors who made a successful return to showbiz after sabbatical

Comeback Is Stronger Than Setback: Actors Who Made Successful Return To Showbiz Post Sabbatical

“If you are a true warrior, competition doesn’t scare you. It only makes you better.” Well, these famous lines by the legendary Andrew Whitworth stand true and relevant for mankind in quite literally any situation. While you can always be motivated to put your best foot forward and give your best shot to rule hearts, on some days, it becomes quite a challenge indeed, doesn’t it? Well, that’s where self doubt and negative emotions can creep in and get the better of you. Yes, in life, it is all about ups and downs and just like you will have your share of highs, there will always be full moments. However, what’s important is that after a setback, how you actually rise like a phoenix and prove every critic of yours wrong with your work and credibility. Well, in an industry like the Indian entertainment industry, such spirit is of immense importance. Today, you might be enjoying a spree of successful projects one after the other and then boom, things can again turn haywire and screw up soon. That’s where you need to focus on what’s worked for you in the past, take inspiration from there and once again strive to become the best in the business. Our entertainment industry too has got such gems and jewels who actually proved a lot of their critics wrong after a sabbatical. When everyone thought that limelight has distanced itself from them, they made a roaring comeback and made things count once again. So, here’s taking a quick look at few such names who made it count after a break.

Bobby Deol: Our very own ‘Soldier’ star needs no introduction. He’s been a raging star during the 90s for quite a long time and well today, he’s established his niche and uniqueness like no other. Although he didn’t enjoy the best of time in movies and in the box office, it has certainly not played any role in helping him regain his stardom and love from the audience after he made a stunning comeback on OTT with Aashram, Class Of 83, Love Hostel and many others. The OTT format seems tailor-made for him and well, we are loving his progress there.

Sunny Deol: Bollywood’s very own ‘dhai kilo ka haat’ holder aka Sunny Deol might have turned old. However, it certainly didn’t play a part in reducing his stardom and popularity. Although he’s not been seen in movies till now, right now, fans are immensely excited for Gadar 2. For the unversed, Gadar was a blockbuster hit when it released and hence, its natural that the buzz around the movie will be super strong even now.

Fardeen Khan: He was one of the most dashing and talented, promising newcomers around the 2000 decade. However, soon, wrong choice of movies followed by an irregular lifestyle didn’t help his cause and that pushed him away from cinema for the longest time. However, now, he’s all set to make a special comeback with his upcoming film with Riteish Deshmukh titled ‘Visfot’ alongside ‘Heera Mandi’ and well, we are super excited for the same.

Ameesha Patel: The diva has a dream debut indeed in Bollywood with ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’. Be it the storyline or the pairing, everything was so perfect for newcomers to begin their journey in the world of entertainment. While the first few years of her career were absolutely perfect, eventually, a spree of flop movies didn’t help her cause and soon, she vanished from cinema. Now, she’s all set to make a comeback with Gadar 2 in August and the movie is set to compete with Animal in the box office.

Karisma Kapoor: Our very own ‘Lolo’ seems to have cracked some formula of never becoming old and how. Even today, she’s got the charm of a teenager and can give any modern-day actress a serious run for their money. She’s been away from movies and acting for the longest time before she decided to end her hiatus with ZEE5’s ‘Mentalhood’. The movie showed her as a doting mother who is extremely protective about what. Ever since then, we’ve missed Karisma. But then, here’s hoping that she makes a roaring comeback once again and how.

Sushmita Sen: She’s charm, grace and beauty personified in the true sense of the term. If the term ‘Bengali beauty’ had a face attached to it, that would certainly be Sushmita Sen. For the longest time, she was away from acting. However, her dry run as an actor ended when she made her debut with ‘Aarya’. It is one of the finest web shows now and well, after the first two parts, fans are immensely excited for the third part.

Madhuri Dixit: Just like other yesteryear actresses, the fans and audience were missing Madhuri Dixit too to a great extent. She was primarily seen on social media platforms and the more fans saw her there, they missed her all the way more on celluloid. Well, in order to compensate for the same, Madhuri decided to begin her second innings in acting on OTT and that’s when projects like The Fame Game, Maja Ma and others helped her achieve that milestone.

Raveena Tandon: She’s been one of the leading divas of the 90s era and well, no wonder, every fan of Indian cinema has a special connection with him. Her pairing alongside Govinda has given the industry some of the most entertaining hits and well, no wonder, her loyal legion of fans were missing her immensely. While everything is perfect at her end, fans were missing her on the screen. However, they got to see her on-screen playing a role like never before. She played the role of a cop in Aranyak and well, we absolutely loved the powerful, strong woman that she became in the project.

Juhi Chawla: She’s one of the finest and most admired actresses in the Indian entertainment industry and well, even today, she’s highly respected and admired by fans all over the country. Just like other yesteryear actresses, Juhi too isn’t as active in acting as much as she and her fans would like. However, they all got to witness the same with perfection when she worked in Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Hush Hush’. Well, here’s hoping that season 2 comes super fast and we can shower it with love again.

Shilpa Shetty: Last but certainly not the least, how can we not talk about the OG ‘Patli Kamariya’ beholder Shilpa Shetty ladies and gentlemen? She’s like that fine wine who only gets better and hotter with age and well, that’s what we love the most. She was away from acting for the longest time and fans missed her during her sabbatical period. However, she was quite in her element when she worked in Hungama 2, the sequel of blockbuster ‘Hungama’ and well, here’s hoping that after that, we can get to see more from her end.

Well, all these individuals have certainly proven the fact that come what may, it is only your strong mindset, determination and dedication that helps you challenge all odds and come out stronger and better than ever before. Here’s hoping that just like these talented individuals who got their second innings in acting sorted, a lot of other actors who are perhaps sitting at home hoping for the same will too get to achieve the same in due course of time.